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It took 29 days. For a few of those I wasn't hunting for a car, because I was waiting to see how much the insurance company would be paying me for my car that was killed. Then of course there were the 16 days that I had that Altima from Inifiniti that I couldn't drive before we gave up on them ever producing the Title and brought it back.

But finally, finally I have transportation again. The color is a tiny improvement over the last one - it's "pewter" instead of that hideous gold/beige. In shadowy light it actually looks nice. In bright sun it looks closer to the color of the last one. And the interior is still that vile beige/brown. But I can actually drive it, which is the bit that really important.
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I have officially returned the Car That Cannot Be Owned. Weirdly, the return process was the least painful part of the whole experience. We showed up with all of our paperwork, the manual, and the keys. They gave us a check and sent a minion home with us with some dealer plates so he could drive the car back up to Nashua. We didn't bring the car with us, of course, because that would have been illegal, which has been the core problem here all along.

So the car is no longer here, and we have our money. I really, really wish that this could have been resolved differently. I'm disappointed that I have to start the whole hunting process over again. It was a really nice car. I can tell I'll miss some of the zany options that I almost got to use if they aren't on the next car.
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The good news is that I own a car again. The bad news is that I don't yet have all of the appropriate paperwork that proves it, which means I can't transfer the plates and drive it or do any of the insurance paperwork or go to the registry. So I own an expensive paperweight that I can't drive, and won't be able to drive until Tuesday at the absolute earliest. This is annoying. I am also very disppointed with the dealer for selling me the car without the appropriate paperwork on hand, and then failing to adequately explain the relevant laws, because I had no idea it would be illegal for me to drive the thing home. Bleh. Getting a replacement car was supposed to make me happy and restore my ability to go places and do stuff.

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