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I don't know what the hell it is lately playing Carcassonne on BSW, but I've been having a lot of games in which my opponent quits part way through. The latest time, about an hour ago, my opponent was a registered player with a 61% win ratio. I can see how he keeps it so high - he bugs out if things look bad. I had cut off one of his guys as a side-effect - that is, I played a tile for my own purposes that also happened to screw him. Soon after that, he played a tile for no purpose other than to screw over my guy, which is a perfectly valid strategy...I'll do it to the double-sized guy, the builder, multiple small guys, or just an enormous city. But, dude, it was a single guy on a single city tile. It was just petty. So I didn't feel at all guilty about playing a tile to screw over his 4-tile, 1 shield city with 2 of his guys and his builder in it. It was early in the game - he might even have gotten lucky and drawn the tile that would fit in the gap. Does he play around this problem and try to win anyway? No, instead he quits. Pathetic.

Now, I suppose it's possible that he legitimately lost his connection or something the instant after I played the tile that screwed him, and I apologize for defaming his character if that's the case...but I'm pretty sure he just gave up.

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