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My computer had become a bit ancient. Some of the pieces were still made of flint and animal hides. My graphics card consisted of a tiny newt that would smear paint onto my monitor. It was a dark time.

But wait! I was offered computer parts that were only mildly obsolete, and therefore an enormous upgrade from my battered old system! All I need do was furnish a hard drive to the empty shell, and it would process with the power of several thousand tiny newts!

The drive with my OS was, as I say, pretty old (to put this in the proper perspective, it was 80 GB). I had supplemented it with another drive, and later an external drive, and all of those were running low on space. So I bought a shiny new 1 TB drive to serve as the brain of the new (or at least slightly less old) machine. Then came the Glorious Transplantation of Components.

Did this go smoothly? Of course not. I went from having a venerable but functional PC to having two broken PCs. There was despair. There was rage. There were obscenities shouted at the uncaring heavens. There was the overwhelming feeling that I should have just left everything well enough alone and continued to buy newt food until the PC failed on its own. But eventually we got the new machine running. It wouldn't acknowledge the existence of the Internet or run my graphics tablet, but those two things hardly matter. No. Wait. Art and the Internet are two of the primary uses I have for my PC. Crap.

Fast forward several days. I am connected to the Internet. My graphics tablet allows me to use a pressure-sensitive pen to paint horrible abominations in Photoshop. With luck, the suffering is over for a time. All that remains is to rebuild fiddly settings in my various applications (playlists, custom toolbars in Word, etc.). Or so we hope. I'm afraid to shut it off, for fear that when it next boots up something will have broken itself again. Wish me luck.

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