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For a while now, I have wanted an Overgoat. The thing holding me back was not insufficient funds, it was the worry that I would suddenly need enormous quantities of whatever I sold off to purchase the Overgoat, and that I would be filled with buyer's remorse. Well, earlier tonight I was going over my hoards of imaginary items and discovered that if I sold all of my non-equipment loot, I could buy two Overgoats. Clearly, it was time to sell off some stuff and buy the damned thing. At the time of this post, it is displayed on my mantelpiece.

At first I thought about just selling half of everything I own, thereby hedging my bets against what I might need. After further consideration, I realized that things like Searing Enigmas were much harder to obtain, and it made more sense to just sell everything that could be easily replaced, plus a few obsolete items I didn't think I needed anymore or oddball bits I'd acquired for which I never had a use. In the end, I sold off:

1 Alluring Accomplice
602 An Infernal Contract
1 Avid Glove
24 Bazaar Permit
16 Blackmail Material
120993 Cryptic Clue
140807 Deep Amber
14253 Drop of Prisoner's Honey
7260 Foxfire Candle Stub
147136 Glim
13325 Greyfields 1879
7911 Greyfields 1882
58193 Jade Fragment
1457 Lamplighter Beeswax
10 London Street Sign
57101 Moon-pearl
82708 Nevercold Brass
22056 Primordial Shriek
5032 Proscribed Material
3030 Rat on a String
1375 Relic of the Fourth City
4091 Romantic Notion
13433 Rostygold
6 Rough Gown
86925 Silk Scrap
13 Sober Dress
4036 Soul
2466 Stolen Correspondence
82 Stolen Kiss
2188 Surface Currency
4172 Surface-Silk Scrap

...and due to a math error, had 10 pence left over after my purchase. Oops, I guess I could have kept a few of those Souls or something.

Edit to add: Man, that buyer's remorse was fast! My next plan was to go back to Zee for a while...which takes 100 Rostygold. And unless I want to buy some (no!), I need to wait until I have 5 actions handy to Wade Into Ring Fights for it. Oops.

Also, I now have 25 points of Watchful equipment and whatnot, bringing me to a maximum of 155, which is just barely enough to make the test for going to Zee straightforward, meaning I will reliably get the 2 Zee-Ztories and break even financially. Yay!
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After a conversation earlier today about the uses for and possibility of acquiring The Overgoat, I decided to calculate the total value of everything that I own in Echo Bazaar. Like so many things, this was a case of burning curiosity overwhelming good sense, because it turns out that I own one or more of 101 different items, each of which I entered into a spreadsheet with its quantity and sale price at The Bazaar. The end result? If I sold everything that I own, I'd have 8,727.74 echoes. The Overgoat costs 11,712.80 echoes. With a bit of hasty estimated math, I think that even if I had never purchased any fancy clothes or weapons the whole time that I've been playing, I still wouldn't have enough money today to buy an Overgoat. Oh, well. I'd rather have the 492,980 things I have right now than 1 spooky eldritch goat anyway.

edit: Well, 492,980 things that The Bazaar is interested in buying, anyway. That doesn't include things you can't sell, like plot items and whatnot.
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Yes, I'm still plugging away at Fallen London. The "Person of Some Importance" storylets finally gave me something to do with the piles and piles of oddities that I had collected. Unfortunately, it also required lots of stuff of which I didn't have piles and piles, or that I had sold in large quantities in order to purchase a Tiger or some other amusing object. Bah.

But, finally, I have purchased a Ship. I am zailing the broad unterzee. I actually bought my ship yesterday, but didn't dare leave Fallen London until I'd finished an ongoing story, since the game warned me that it would zero out my progress on a variety of things as soon as I stepped onto the ship. Probably that one would have been safe, but I was taking no chances.

I wanted a zubmarine. Oh, how I wanted one. But it would have required resources that would take me about 5 months to acquire, or 30 Fate, which would cost actual money. So I have satisfied myself with a plain old steamer, which will have to do.

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I have acquired and spent my 80,000 Whispered Secrets. I now have 7. But I officially have Premises at the Bazaar. Woot!

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I was playing one of my other characters, and happened to get thrown back into New Newgate Prison. This was actually intentional, since I had something to do there. This has always wiped out your Opportunity cards, and I was expecting that. What I wasn't expecting was to have my Casing progress reset to zero when I got out again. Crap.

When did they make that change? I don't remember having that problem before. I was all the way up to 8 or 9, too. = (

Echo Bazaar

Nov. 4th, 2010 07:58 pm
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I have officially maxed out Dangerous, Watchful, Persuasive, and Shadowy at 100 each. So, what's left to do now?

Some Opportunity cards still require alarmingly high stats, so I can keep an eye out for those. Even with all of my Shadowy stuff equipped to put me up to 109, my delivering a mirror to the thing under the Shuttered Palace was still a Modest challenge.

I don't seem to be as far along on my dreams as a few of my friends who are playing. I think I must have focused more on Storylets and less on Opportunities. So there's that to work on.

And I think I'm going to try to accumulate the 80,000 Whispered Secrets required to purchase lodgings at the Bazaar. I have 32,887 so far. I suppose I could sell a bunch of stuff and buy them, but I don't want to wipe out my stockpiles of other stuff in case Failbetter gives us some new content and I turn out to need any of it.

So what have I accomplished and accumulated in the last three months playing this silly game?

Things and Stuff )
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I had meant to post about the game again at the one month mark, but kept getting sidetracked. The terrible truth is that one of the things that probably sidetracked me was actually _playing_ Echo Bazaar. But hey, it's all for the best - the delay has allowed me to suck 3 or 4 more people into the game, so more people reading this may even know what the heck I'm talking about.

My main character has done all sorts of amazing things. I think at the one month mark I had become an archaeologist, which was great because it finally got me a hat with eyes and teeth, even if it wasn't as cool as the purchaseable hats with eyes and teeth. At this point I've moved beyond archaeology and gone into teaching The Correspondence at The University. This is a big step up because it means that I've moved so far beyond giving people nightmares by writing penny dreadfuls, and now I'm giving them nightmares with my lectures about a mysterious language that makes people's eyes bleed. Progress!

Since I started playing, the game has introduced a Mysterious Benefactor who gives you a present after you break out of prison. This is all well and good for new players, but what about those of us who have already broken out of prison? We don't get free stuff? At first I thought it didn't really matter since I already had better stuff than what you could get, until I realized that one of the presents was a pair of shoes that give you Watchful +1. Watchful shoes! There are no Watchful shoes at the bazaar! Those are the only Watchful shoes in the whole game!

So I was very sad. But then I had this crazy idea that maybe if I managed to go back to prison I could still befriend the Mysterious Benefactor. A quick browsing of ye Internet supported this theory. So I worked at getting back into prison, which due to the perverse nature of probability took much longer than I planned. At last, I have my shoes. And a prison shiv, which will be handy for Shadowy stuff, and in case I ever want to go back to prison again. I even managed to break back out of prison a bit earlier than I expected by accidentally assembling an escape plan with knotted rags and notes on the dirigible flight plans.

But enough about crude material possessions! I have been The Darling of the Ambassador's Ball! I am Free of Surface Ties! I am, of course, A Scholar of the Correspondence. I have stolen almost 200 Lucky Weasels!

...okay, that last one isn't an accomplishment according to the game, as is technically about material possessions again. But they're just so darned cute that I can't say no to stealing them. I don't know what I'm going to do when I want to buy something later on. Sell my weasels? I suppose I could always go back and steal more...
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I must be more careful about how much time I allow myself to spend on this. But what progress I have made since I started this last week!

I have written a cunningly disguised mushroom-based satire on the tedium of business affairs and a penny dreadful that gave nine hundred readers nightmares, closed four schools, and makes women scream and faint as I pass on the street. I teetered on the brink of insanity as I divined the secrets paths to the Forgotten Quarter, where I stumbled across a piece of amber the size of an eye that is disturbingly warm to the touch but oddly hard to put down. I have even moved out of the kindly old lady's spare room and into the the Smoky Flophouse - which has fleas, noise, smoke, and Rubbery Men squealing as they're dragged out back and murdered. "But you meet the most fascinating people."

I have acquired a Counterfeit Head of John the Baptist.

The game is full of awesome craziness.

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