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Well, I did a heck of a lot better than last year, with more than double the number of digital paintings. The quality of work improved again, too, which is even more important. Still, I thought I had done even more work that this, so I'm a bit disappointed. I hope to do better next year.

I'm pretty happy with my game design for the past year. Realmcraft improved a lot with the last few tweaks, and the Concepts game seems to be playable and fun, with a lot of positive reactions from even the earliest testing. I like some of the ideas I have for 4th and Island.

I didn't do much this past year as far as storytelling goes, but I hope to get back to writing Houses of Ashborn at some point. I didn't really work on The Ninth Source at all, but I don't really want to let that die either. I'm starting up Abducted again on a trial basis this week.

Creatures (and one Character) of the Week

Saw-Faced Mangler
Decay Flute
Storm King Eel
Giant Radioactive Mutant Dog
Dire Wolf Mount
The Boss
Chiropteran Strider
The Most Useless Creature
Obsidian Emissary
Yawn-Maw Breezerider
Effulgent Terraphage
Sandstorm Walker


Agressive Agenda
Olakunde - Homid
Olakunde - Chrinos


OGC 2006 Dragon
OGC 2006 Pirate
Quest Cards Flower Lantern
Quest Cards Flame Cloak
Quest Cards Dragonhilt Sword
Quest Cards Storm Gloves
Several Exalted Desktops (including 2 honorable mentions)

Other Digital Painting

The Retrievers
Shardcrown Island Lighthouse
Hermit Crab in Skull
Smile Or I'll Eat Your Head
Lion Clan Samurai
Uzoma Matu


Abducted D&D Campaign Sessions 1-7
Setting and some story for Houses of Ashborn

Game Design

Further refined Realmcraft - now ready for art, I think
Concepts Game - from start to pretty close to finished
Much work on 4th
Some work on Island
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Gaming Weekend has come and gone. I ran my demo/tournament for The Spoils, and I think it went pretty well in spite of some problems getting started. Of the seven people that signed up, two failed to show up at all, and a third told me that due to something else coming up he wouldn't be able to come. However, I got two extra people I wasn't expecting, and managed to convince someone who was watching another game that it would be fun to come try out the new CCG and get free stuff. Everyone seemed to have fun. Five of the players hung around afterwards to trade with each other to try to improve their decks, so that seems to imply that they're interested enough to play again. I'm happy I got to play in my own demo. I forfeited my prizes so things wouldn't seem shady. I really just wanted 6 more packs and to introduce more people to the game in the hopes of having someone to play with. I had a lot of fun with the game at GenCon, and then hadn't played it since. Bleh. I got some nifty stuff in my packs, including the much-sought Luteoderm Goliath. I'm not sure it's actually good, but it sure seems good. If nothing else, the idea behind the art is awesome. I even got a second One-Legged Hopping Pogo Bear.

After things were done with The Spoils, I convinced some people to try the latest game of my own design. This would be game #6, though it's only the second one to be taken to the prototype stage. Three of the others still have major work to be done, and game #3 had most of its concepts gutted to fuel another, more interesting idea. I was amused that one of the people I asked suddenly remembered me from when I was playtesting game #1 at Gaming Weekend a few years ago, bribing people with chocolate to try it. I offered her some M&M's to try Game #6, but she went off to do something else anyway.

Anyway, I got the idea for Game #6 while driving home from playing games last Sunday, and had a working prototype printed out 4 days later after about 18 hours of work. I'm amazed and extremely pleased that the trial games I got in at Gaming Weekend went as well as they did considering how little time I've put into this one compared to some of my other games. Everyone seemed to agree that the concept is solid, and that it has a lot of potential. Even more important, people appeared to actually enjoy the game even while it had some kinks to work out. I played it again with friends this Sunday, and most of the feedback from those games was positive too, even though our first game went somewhat badly. Still, it seems like this one could work, so I'm hoping to get in more testing and tweak this one until it's good enough to submit to game companies.

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