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Last time I asked about my portfolio I accidentally distracted people from my real question, which was what I should paint in the time I had left before the con. Based on replies, though, it seemed like I needed a piece with a complete background. I decided I was low on people, and had no female subjects, so I painted the samurai.

First, is she good enough to take with me? If not, is there some way to improve the piece so she is?

Second, I've got less than a week - is there anything in particular I should try to paint in that time? Another landscape? Some horrible monster? If not, I'll just try to get the Avatar of Silliness done in time.
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Things aren't looking good. WotC still doesn't have any events listed, which seems to support the rumor that they won't be there this year due to all of the lawsuit crap between Gen Con and Lucasfilm. I really hope they resolve that, since I thought it would be fun to play some Magic this year since it looks like the Spoils won't be there. At least there are still Cthulhu events.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is the cost of the plane tickets. I looked into them last week since it was suggested that prices are only going to keep getting worse, and I couldn't find the departure time I had last year. I put off buying tickets until I could look into whether a more favorable time might appear if I waited, and that turned out to be a horrifying mistake. Tickets have gone up a staggering amount since just last week. My airfare is more than double what it was last year.

I thought about trying to find a flight that wasn't nonstop to see if I could save some money, but they all left at horrible times, doubled the amount of time I'd spend in the air, or did other horrible crap to the trip. I finally decided that if I didn't want to risk screwing up the trip even more, I'd better suck it up and just spend the extra money. My whole philosophy behind this year's trip was to try to make sure I did everything right because it's probably the last time I can go. It's not worth cutting corners if it means I'm a zombie by the time I get to the con because I spent an extra 6 hours playing with airplanes the day before. I just hope things work out in the end and it doesn't turn out to have been a lot of wasted money.

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