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I haven't been an active player of Magic for a few years now. It took a couple of years before I got to try my Onslaught at all, I think. I didn't buy anything in the Mirrodin block. I made a brief foray into Kamigawa when that game store in Worcester was going out of business and I could get some slightly discounted, but I haven't actually played with it yet (except for my Zubera deck), despite the fact that I've been playing with some friends again from time to time.

Still, even a slight return to magic means I was poking at the WotC site, and the preview information about Ravnica looked really cool. I thought it would be fun to attend the local prerelease tournament, since it really was local - only about 15 minutes away.

Ravnica Prerelease )

I spoke with the guest artist to see if he had any advice for someone interested in breaking into the field. He was full of dire warnings and predictions of doom. I will work hard, not make enough money, grow to hate working on art, and my personal life with crumble. He's going through a divorce right now because of his art career. Cheery. Hopefully only the first two will apply in my case...just the first one would be even better, but I'm trying to be realistic. = )

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