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Since I was introduced to the PC version of Race for the Galaxy, I have played a lot of Race for the Galaxy. Way, way too much Race for the Galaxy, in fact. I've been trying to cut back a bit lately, but since I had the death plague all weekend I allowed myself to indulge a bit more.

I have had some truly wacky games. My recent favorites include:

I am the Imperium - My start world was the Imperium Warlord, who proceeded to acquire Imperium Troops, Imperium Lords, the Imperium Capital, and an Imperium Invasion Fleet. Yes, there are Imperium cards that I didn't get, but I'm pretty sure that's the most I've ever gotten in a single game.

Out-Alien the Alien Researchers - The computer is playing the Alien Research Team. I am the Doomed World. How many Alien cards does the computer get during the game? Zero. What do I put into play? Alien Rosetta Stone World, Deserted Alien World, Alien Tech Institute (hah!), and Alien Data Repository (at a -6 discount, after those other three). This game was also hilarious because I got all six of the goals (one of which was First Player to Get 3 Alien Cards - snrk!) and scored more than quadruple the PC's score (96 to 23). Feats not likely to be repeated.

and just now:

Development Armageddon Juju - Every single turn of the game, I picked Develop. I was the Galactic Developers, so I got a card whenever we played the Develop phase. I soon bought the Galactic Power Brokers, so whenever we played the Develop Phase I drew another 2 and discarded 1. Not long after that, I played Pan-Galactic Affluence, which gave me Prestige whenever I played a development. By the time I played Pan-Galactic Research to make my developments cost one less card it was pretty insane, and the Interstellar Bank I played later in the game (+1 card when we play Develop) was just embarassing. Guess who got the "Four or More and the Most Developments" goal? At the end of the game, I had nine.

But the really wacky part of that game was that the PC didn't pick Produce either (I certainly didn't pick it - I was busy picking Develop). In fact, if it weren't for the one windfall world they played at the end, there would have been no goods in our game at all. Deeply weird.

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