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Voting is over for my second threadless design...it went very poorly. Worse than my little t-rex with a balloon.

Average Score: 2.3
285 Scores
16 Fives
79 Ones

Compared to:

Average Score: 2.72
172 Scores
20 Fives
44 Ones

More total scores, but far worse ratings. Maybe Cthulhu just didn't have enough mass appeal. I'll have to try something with a wider potential audience next time.
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Planning to submit this to Threadless later tonight. Any feedback before the official submission is appreciated. Still time for tweaks.

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Well, scoring for my first Threadless design is closed.

Average Score: 2.72
Total Scores: 172
Fives: 20
Ones: 44
Total comments: 1

According to the FAQ:


What’s a good score?

Anything close to or above a 3 is considered a very high score. Remember, designs are only scored up to 5. A low score is no reason to get discouraged; many printed Threadless designers started out with low scores, too. Use the feedback to reinvent your design and take it in a different direction!

How are the submissions chosen?

The scoring system gives us an idea of which designs our community thinks are great. Then we look at the top scoring designs every couple of weeks and pick out designs to print based off the overall score, comments, and of course, its general awesomeness. We make the final decision of which designs are printed.


2.72 seems bad, but it's reasonably close to 3, so maybe not as bad as it seems? More than twice as many 1's as 5's seems really bad, though. I'm supposed to use feedback to improve the design, but I only have the one comment. I stumbled across someone else's submission that has not been printed in spite of its 156 5's, 3.34 rating, and 20+ comments.

So, yeah, I really have no idea how that went. Clearly it didn't go well, but I'm not sure how badly.
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I revisited my cute little t-rex holding a balloon and submitted it to Threadless. Go forth and score my design! Tell your friends to score my design! Tell strangers to score my design! Etc.


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