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Author's Note: According to Wikipedia, Brushback Pitch is the name of an awesome giant robot which - wait, no...they've undone my edits. According to Wikipedia, a Brushback Pitch is a thing in baseball where the pitcher throws the ball not quite at the batter to try to intimidate them into shifting position. Oh, well. I have chosen to approach this from the "borders and personal space" angle, but I've also appropriated a garbled version of the maneuver's name for the name of one of my characters. Normally I wouldn't bother to explain all of this, but I don't want people to think I've gotten the prompt wrong and only used it to name a character.

Content Warning for whimsical violence.

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Wow, it had been a long time since I updated my journal on deviantART with links to stuff I have on t-shirts. Eek. ( http://hwango.deviantart.com/journal/Threadless-Holiday-Designs-And-everything-else-650351806 )

While that's on the brain - I put my Hermit Crab in Gingerbread House design up on Threadless. https://hwango.threadless.com/designs/hermit-crab-in-gingerbread-house

The old holiday favorite Yule Squid is still on Cafepress (t-shirts and greeting cards): http://www.cafepress.com/xmas_squid

And it's not Winter Holiday related, but just a reminder that you too can now be the first one on your block to wear a Library Octopus t-shirt. Also on Threadless: https://hwango.threadless.com/designs/octopus-librarian


Nov. 2nd, 2016 04:15 pm
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I have grave concerns about the name of the community, but it would be nice to have something spurring me to write besides the rhamphorhynchus that sits next to my computer. So. Fingers crossed...metaphorically, of course, because it's tricky typing with them really crossed.

prompt fill

Jun. 1st, 2016 04:11 pm
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TITLE: none
AUTHOR: hwango
PROMPT: What are you doing here / Hunting elephants
WORD COUNT: 538 words
SUMMARY: big-box stores have big pest control problems.

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I joined a new writing community. One of the recent prompts was "Difference," and...I had this idea...which is not really a story. But it would not let go of my brain, and so here it is.

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I finally finished this! This brings me up to four paintings of fanciful hermit crabs using weird things for shells.

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I have just finished reading "Bats of the Republic," a deeply strange book.
It consists of various different things, including:

* Letters written by Zadock Thomas to Elswyth Gray in 1843 while he is
on a mission for her father to deliver a mysterious letter, a task he
must complete in exchange for Mr. Gray to permit him to propose to

* A story set in 2143 about Zeke Thomas, probable descendant of
Zadock. He has been given several documents after his grandfather
passes away, including a sealed letter that may be the letter that was to have
been delivered by Zadock. Zeke is in a relationship with a woman named
Eliza Gray, though in this case "Gray" is a surname given to her by the state
because she is an orphan.

* Letters written in 2143 to Eliza Gray by her father, who was forced to
abandon her to the state due to political stuff and is writing letters
to leave to her after he is dead. Many of these letters deal with
information regarding Zadock Thomas and his journey, which he has been
studying in order to confirm the truth of Zeke's bloodline.

* Pages from the novel "The Sisters Gray," which appears to be a
fictionalized accounting of the lives of Elswyth Gray and her sister.
In this novel there are references to a futuristic story written by
their aunt called "The City-State," which appears to be about the events
occurring in 2143.

...like I said, it's deeply strange.
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I made something for the Rage of Demons contest on welovefine. Then I set it as my desktop background and forgot I'd done so. Next time I booted up my computer...a little startling, I must say.


Anyway, rate my design! 5's are awesome.

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Or, technically, the prompt is [Ignorance is Bliss’ –“For the ailing patient, intelligence is a miserable burden.”]

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Jul. 10th, 2015 06:50 pm
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Magic: the Gathering has long been full of a variety of creatures you can summon to murder your opponents. Or do other stuff, I suppose, like defend you from being murdered by your opponents. You've had access to things like dragons, elves, goblins, gargoyles, hydras, really big fish, golems, vampires, wombats, djinn, oozes, badgers, minotaurs, angels, demons, sharks, crabs, shark crabs... even a surprising number of jellyfish (though of course most of the things listed as jellyfish aren't really jellyfish). You've had it all.

No, you haven't. Because, until now, you could not murder your opponents with the lingering souls of dead children.


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